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Get quick alerts to your phone to keep loved ones safer.

Worry about the safety of your child, or a loved one living with dementia? The Proximity Button wearable offers peace of mind to family members and carers.

No monthly fee, requires no charging. Get yours today.



The Button is great for extra security in the home and also in other indoor spaces such as supermarkets and shopping centres.



If you’re out and about, the Proximity Button can bring peace of mind. The Button works in all environments.



The Button can be worn on nightwear. Place your phone next to you whilst you sleep and if your loved one wanders in the night, your phone will alarm and wake you.



The Proximity Button is worn by the person in your care. It connects to your phone and alerts you if they wander too far.

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Battery life is approx. 6 months. Your Button is powered by a coin cell battery so you don’t need to charge it every day. 

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

If the person in your care is wearing a Button and they wander too far, you will know about it far quicker than if they weren’t wearing it.

  • Discreet and easy to wear

    Discreet and easy to wear

    The person you’re caring for wears the Proximity Button. This connects to the Proximity app on your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Get fast alerts straight to your phone

    Get fast alerts straight to your phone

    When the Button wearer wanders too far from you and your phone, your phone will alert you. Simple.
  • Affordable and easy-to-use

    Affordable and easy-to-use

    Proximity was invented due to personal experiences with wandering and knowing just how terrifying it can be when a loved one goes missing.

At-home carers

If you care for a loved one or a family member, click here to find out more about how Proximity could help you


If you are a professional care worker within a care-home environment, click here to find out how we could help you

Who are Proximity Care?

Watch this short animation to find out more about Proximity Care.

Our Journey

Hear from our Founder Natalie about the Proximity Button and how it is designed to combat the effects of wandering and keep loved ones with dementia safer. The Button can also be used by others who may be more vulnerable such as children.

How to Wear the Proximity Button

The Proximity Button is easy to put onto the person you’re caring for and stays securely in place.

How it's Made

The Proximity Button is powered by a simple Bluetooth beacon. It’s housed in a smart casing. The silicone strap and magnet keep it securely in place. Designed to keep those living with dementia safer from wandering.

Happy to help

If you are having any trouble with your Button or simply want to find out more information, please find our user manual here

‘Any technological solutions that make the lives of carers easier, will mean less stress and more time spent on delivering quality care.’
The Guardian, 2017
'A unique device to help people living with dementia' .
Amazyble, 2017
‘A unique device to help people living with dementia’ .
Amazyble, 2017
‘The upcoming Proximity Button, invented by the daughter of a dementia carer, is designed to be an effective and affordable way to keep loved ones safe without intrusive tracking.’ Tech Radar, 2017