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    Bio Stars – Proximity are in the final!

    We are delighted to say that yesterday we found out that we’re through to the final of the Bio Stars accelerator programme. It’s been a fantastic experience so far and has really shone a light on all of the fantastic things happening in healthcare and Pharma in the UK and Europe. The final is taking […]

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    Introducing the Proximity Button

    We are delighted to announce that Proximity has officially launched. Due to the kind generosity of everyone during our crowdfunding campaign, we raised enough money to be able to get the Proximity Button to market. This is a truly exciting time for us and hopefully for our future customers too. The Button’s are available to […]

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    Protecting Those Who Need it Most

    Proximity was originally designed to keep those living with dementia safer from wandering. As my mum’s a carer for those with dementia i’ve always been aware of what a problem it is within this area. It wasn’t until we launched our crowdfunding campaign recently that i realised just how many people could benefit from a product […]

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    Dementia is just a natural part of ageing, right?

    Wrong. Dementia is actually caused by diseases just like cancer or aids. Alzheimer’s disease is the biggest cause of dementia, it physically attacks your brain, gradually destroying it, piece by piece, until it strips away everything that makes you, you. The brain of a person with Alzheimer’s is so damaged, it weighs 140 grams less […]

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    All-new Button sensor that alerts dementia carer’s to wandering

    For the past 2 years I’ve been developing a product that I hope will keep those living with dementia safer. My mum’s cared for people with dementia for the past 15 years. It’s her experiences and stories that inspired me to create a simple, affordable product to help with the problem of wandering: a dangerous […]

Who are Proximity Care?

Watch this short animation to find out more about Proximity Care.

How to Wear the Proximity Button

The Proximity Button is easy to put onto the person you’re caring for and stays securely in place.

Our Journey

Here from our Founder Natalie about the Proximity Button and how it is designed to combat the effects of wandering and keep loved ones with dementia safer. The Button can also be used by others who may be more vulnerable such as children.