Proximity in care homesĀ 

Proximity is now working with care homes to provide their residents with a unique offering

Rather than being used as a wearable warning device, the Button is worn as key, allowing residents to move freely around care homes whilst remaining safe.

  • Small and Smart

    Small and Smart

  • Discreet and Light

    Discreet and Light

  • Great Battery Life

    Great Battery Life

The Button is a unique and versatile product.

We can adapt to meet specific care-home needs, whatever they might be.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about how we might be able to help you, please email us on video to gif 1
‘Any technological solutions that make the lives of carers easier, will mean less stress and more time spent on delivering quality care.’
The Guardian, 2017
'A unique device to help people living with dementia' .
Amazyble, 2017
‘A unique device to help people living with dementia’ .
Amazyble, 2017
‘The upcoming Proximity Button, invented by the daughter of a dementia carer, is designed to be an effective and affordable way to keep loved ones safe without intrusive tracking.’ Tech Radar, 2017