Why choose the Proximity Button?

"The Proximity Button isn't a direct replacement for a tracking device, it is a smart and affordable alternative"



ProximityButton copy.png

Innovative Design

Traditional devices to keep people safer will come in the form of bracelets or pendants. We wanted to offer something different.

The Proximity Button is a discreet badge that can easily put on by the carer. The strong magnet holds it securely in place.


Battery life

Your Proximity Button is powered by a small coin cell battery, just like the one in your watch. The battery will last up to 6 months before it needs changing. You can also turn your Button on and off when you're not using it.



Proximity Care App - available on iOS and Android


The Proximity Button uses Bluetooth to talk to your phone. The great thing about Bluetooth is that it works in all environments. The Button is perfect for in the home, night-time wandering and simply when you're out and about.



The app

The app has been carefully designed to suit all ages. It is extremely easy to use. You can download the app on iOS and Android.