The Proximity Button

Learn how the Proximity Button works in just 30 seconds...

The Proximity Button is not a tracking device, it is a warning device.

And it's really easy to use...

The person you're caring for wears the Button.

The Button emits a Bluetooth signal.

This signal connects to the Proximity app that you, the carer, download to your smartphone.

When the person you're caring for wanders too far from you and your phone, it will alert you. Simple.


Proximity Button
  • Connects to your phone to alert you when a loved one walks too far and is at risk of getting lost.

  • Works in all environments (no satellite signal required)

  • No monthly subscription fees

  • Free Proximity Care app 

  • Works on iOS and Android. Please check your phone is compatible here before purchase 

  • Please note: At this time we are not able to ship to the United States.

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Please see our handy instruction manual for a more detailed insight on exactly how everything works.