Protecting Those Who Need it Most

Proximity was originally designed to keep those living with dementia safer from wandering. As my mum’s a carer for those with dementia i’ve always been aware of what a problem it is within this area.¬†It wasn’t until we launched our crowdfunding campaign recently that i realised just how many people could benefit from a product like Proximity.

In the second week of our campaign a customer emailed me to say that he had bought the Proximity Button for his son. His son has autism. This really got me thinking, perhaps Proximity could actually be used by a lot of other vulnerable people in our society.

It’s stylish and small design means that it can be worn by absolutely anyone and the app has been carefully designed to suit all ages too.

Having researched it in more detail, it’s very apparent what a serious issue wandering is for autistic children. In fact, 48% of children with autism will attempt to leave a safe environment.¬†Wandering by children with autism is common, dangerous and puts tremendous stress on families. If Proximity could help it would be fantastic.

We have now began to reach out to various autism awareness groups to get opinions on Proximity and hopefully get it out to those who need it most.