Dementia is just a natural part of ageing, right?

Wrong. Dementia is actually caused by diseases just like cancer or aids. Alzheimer’s disease is the biggest cause of dementia, it physically attacks your brain, gradually destroying it, piece by piece, until it strips away everything that makes you, you.

The brain of a person with Alzheimer’s is so damaged, it weighs 140 grams less than a healthy brain. Whilst scary, we know that research has beaten diseases in the past, and with our help, research can help beat dementia.

Until we find a cure to stop disease’s like Alzheimer’s, we need to find solutions in order to offer a better quality of life. And that’s exactly what i’m trying to do with my new start-up, Proximity.

Proximity aims to provide solutions to problems that truly exist, starting with the ever prevalent problem of wandering: one of the biggest worries a carer will face when looking after a loved one with dementia. More than 60% of people with dementia will wander and if they’re not found within 24 hours up to half of individuals can end up seriously injured and in some instances have a fatal accident (Alzheimer’s Association, 2016).

I believe that everyone should be able to protect the people they care about the most. We approached the product and user experience of Proximity with the following principles in mind: simplicity, discretion and affordability.

Proximity is a smart Button sensor worn by the person with dementia. Connected to the carer’s iPhone or Android device, Proximity alerts the carer when the Button wearer wanders too far.

The Button is not a tracking device, and therefore doesn’t rely on expensive technology. The sole aim with the Button is to warn carer’s to wandering. If a loved one is wearing the Button and they leave the carer’s side, they will know about it far quicker than if they weren’t wearing it. Simple.