Wandering: A Common Side Effect of Dementia

There are many side affects associated with dementia, two of which are memory loss and wandering. When combined these can have a devastating consequences.

There are now more than 44 million people living with dementia worldwide. We know that more than 60% of these people will wander (BBC, 2014), and if a not found within 24 hours, up to half could suffer serious injury and in some instances could die. This is an alarming statistic for something that can be easily avoided.

Over a quarter of UK hospital beds are occupied by someone with dementia. An estimated £700 million could be saved annually if the duration of hospital stays were reduced. Wandering is likely to cause injury to the sufferer and in turn result in hospital admittance. Therefore a product like, the Proximity Button would not only make the lives of those caring for people with dementia more manageable but it would save the UK economy millions.

It’s very important that we let those living with dementia carry on their lives normally and remain as active as possible. Therefore, products to aid walking and combat wandering are a vital part of dementia care.