Where can I use my Button?

The Proximity Button uses Bluetooth to talk to your phone. The great thing about Bluetooth is that it works in all environments.


In the home

The Proximity Button is very useful for when you're in the home.

Whether you're worried about a loved one going out the front door without you knowing or them getting up in the night without you realising, the Proximity Button could help.

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Out and about

The Proximity Button is great for when you're out and about.  

In a big open space such as a park the alarm won't go off so quickly as you will be able to see the person easily if they wander. However, it's important to have it so you know about it far quicker than if they weren't wearing it.

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Busy places

The Proximity Button can bring peace of mind when visiting busy places.  

Tracking devices are great but they won't work in supermarkets and shopping centres. The Proximity Button works indoors allowing you to receive a warning and avoid losing your loved one in the first place.